"Do you want to see how beautiful I'm going to be when I grow up? So do I!"

"I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor that is attached to my pituitary gland and my optic nerves. My doctors must move quickly to save my sight!"

Biography: Brooke Jones is 9 year old girl from Sugar Land, Texas. Brooke goes to Barrington Place Elementary, and loves to dance, sing, ride her bike, laugh, and just have fun! Brooke has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor that has begun to take her sight. Brooke and her family need your support!

Brooke has a Homogenous lobular t2 mass on her optic chiasm in the middle of her brain. Basically, Brooke has a tumor in the middle of her brain that is attached to both optic nerves and her pituitary gland. A team of doctors at MD Anderson have chosen the route of radiation for treatment. Surgery was too drastic and chemo therapy was not aggressive enough.

As of January 15th, 2013 the doctors say they need to move quickly. She has already lost a large amount of sight in her right eye, and they donít want to wait too long for it to begin affecting her left eye and/or her growth.

Our goal is $10,000.00. The family has a $5,000.00 deductible, (which they already had to pay in the last quarter of last year, due to her mother having an emergency appendectomy and gall bladder removal in the same week). The family also has expenses that are not covered by insurance (time off work, travel, food, gas, parking, etc..).

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